About me,
Chuck W. Nelson…

  • I am a developer and strategist working as a consultant for fintech and Fortune 500
  • I curate cohort groups for marketing and entrepreneurship at Midnight
  • I am interested in business automation, data, development, and design. All the fun ingredients to make a lifestyle business.
  • My first website I made when I was 12 years old was about a Star Wars video game Jedi Knight Dark Forces 2.
  • I graduated college in Graphic Design in 2008, but was pulled into designing for websites.
  • I’m a full stack developer
  • I’ve received a gold and silver Cannes Lions in 2018 for Creative Technology and Data while at Eleven ad agency.
  • I was considered lost at sea when I was 14 years old while sailing through the Bermuda Triangle.
  • I was the last plane into the Bahamas the Fyre Festival before it was shut down.
  • My goal before I kick the bucket is to travel to every continent and hopefully, go into space above the Karman line.