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Using Two-Factor Authentication to Stop Procrastinating

As a tech guy, I deal with different forms of security in my daily job. I actually enjoy it, like some nerdy tower defense game.

So when I came across the Yubikey and what it can do, my tech-nerd senses began to tingle.

I began using it in various ways for the past year. My AWS accounts, Google accounts, etc all require it for two-factor authentication.

But also some of my non-work related accounts such as Reddit and Twitter.

The battle of procrastination

Like most people, I battle procrastination everyday, some days more successfully than others.

There are so many ways I get distracted, most of them a bookmark or URL autocomplete away.

When it’s so easy to open a tab and skim Reddit, it becomes a battle for focus.

The problem was so bad for me, that I would sometimes open a new tab and distract myself the same way someone driving home from work cannot remember the time; it became fully automatic.

Using my laziness to help me

So my strategy is to log out of websites that suck time away, specifically Reddit and Twitter.

With autocompleting logins, it would be too easy for me to just blast past that. But with my Yubikey and two-factor authentication, I now have to open up authenticator apps and get expiring one-time codes.

It put a stop to my non-thinking automaton behavior.

It added just enough friction to allow me to catch myself and get back to what I should actually be doing.

Finding ways to put up guardrails in life has kept me inline. Not in a guaranteed sense, but every little push towards my goals helps.

As I get older, I’ve conceded I wont be perfect, but that’s not really required for happiness anyways.

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