Some of the companies, projects, software, and whatever I’m a contributor to in some way.

Heyo! Consulting, Inc.

Heyo! Consulting, Inc

The Heyo! Team has experience which runs the spectrum from startups to Fortune 500, world class advertising agencies and production companies. Our hands on experience gives us the unique advantage to craft highly creative campaigns for maximum punch. We also have a vast network of partners, able to bring in world class, award-winning talent when it’s needed.

Serious Corporation

Serious Corporation

Serious Corporation is a collaboration of the most serious nature. We are currently working on delivery the most synergistic systems for 2020.

Chuck W. Nelson

My name is Chuck. I help people with their digital projects. Today, that means communicating, marketing, buildings, and succeeding over the internet. But even those lines are blurring. I help connect your message with the technology required to get it attention.

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