Everyone told me about patience, why I didn’t believe them. Big mistake.

Friday May 6, 2022

As a kid I’ve always been an ambitious person. My dad would scold me if I said I can’t do something. So I learned that I should set bigger goals and go for them.

Yesterday’s post in my Hello World, I mentioned working out. Muscle building takes a goal, but it also takes dedicated time and consistency. It’s a slow build, brick by brick.

The problem coming from believing I can do anything and setting big goals exposed my impatience. I wanted to get from point A to point B, immediately. I’d like to believe this is human nature, but personally I’ve probably taken it to a perverse degree.

People would always tell me, “Just be patient, it will come.” My dad included.

This annoyed me beyond belief. It felt lazy. It felt handwavy, as if my goals were just clouds to be brushed off. And to hear this from my dad, it felt hypocritical. I was told that I could do anything.

It took me into my adult years to understand that you can still work hard, work fast, and be patient.

My time in the gym is my example of this. You attend consistently, you push yourself to your limit, but you know progress will happen a drip at a time.

My younger self may have gotten frustrated at the slow progress and quit (actually, I did many times).

My older self see every drip of progress as a piece to a bigger goal. The longer I work at it, the more clear the goal comes into vision.

My competitive self also loves these goals with dripping progress. It means there’s a higher bar to entry and will put me further down the road as long as I stick with it. If it were easy to have 8-pack abs, everyone would have them.

My last example is this blog. As I’m writing this, this is a brick into a larger institution. Little by little I drip my thoughts into these writings, hoping to contribute to a professional goal and to meet more people like myself.

I finally have found to love the process for its value, along with the fruits at the end.

Chuck W. Nelson

Chuck W. Nelson

I am a developer and strategist working as a consultant for fintech and Fortune 500. I have a few stories to tell, such as I was considered lost at sea when I was 14 years old while sailing through the Bermuda Triangle and my time at the Fyre Festival.

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