Design doesn’t matter, until it does.

Monday May 9, 2022

There’s a lot of sentiment out there in the startup world of get it out the door. Move fast and break things. Screw it, let’s do it. Minimum viable product.

I don’t disagree with this. Many startup founders get stuck on the wrong details that don’t matter. My first dips into web design client work always contained a “make the logo bigger.”

Founders get stuck on the vanity of design. Back in the day, it was well designed business cards. Today is large hero’d websites.

Getting stuck on the window dressing and not the content is a problem.

But let me be clear, design is important, but not at the expense of story.

You can deliver pizza in a Honda Civic and a Ferrari. Both work equally as well. Most founders will get stuck in thinking they NEED a Ferrari to deliver pizzas.

But that’s not to say design isn’t important in business. If you are trying to sell luxury cars when you driving a Civic, why would anybody believe you.

Design is the first impression and frame of your story, but not the complete story. Your business needs to prioritize the storytelling with design supporting it. Not drive a Ferrari with nowhere to go.

Chuck W. Nelson

Chuck W. Nelson

I am a developer and strategist working as a consultant for fintech and Fortune 500. I have a few stories to tell, such as I was considered lost at sea when I was 14 years old while sailing through the Bermuda Triangle and my time at the Fyre Festival.

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