What I wish I knew when I started working from home

As COVID-19 sweeps the planet, politicians and business leaders have been taking measures to prevent transmission, including working from home. For the tech community, working from home is nothing new. It takes many shapes depending on the teams you have to interact with, but now we have a whole new group of people who are discovering the nuances.

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How to Ask a Question

Yes, ask the better question to get a better answer. But also know who is answers, trust them. Is this a trusted website with verified information? Is it user submitted content? Is the answer old and outdated? This may sound a bit paranoid, but in a world of “fake news,” flexing the muscle to not take info for face value is important.

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Chuck W. Nelson

My name is Chuck. I help people with their digital projects. Today, that means communicating, marketing, buildings, and succeeding over the internet. But even those lines are blurring. I help connect your message with the technology required to get it attention.

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