Planet Earth is Inhabited with Crab People - Chuck W Nelson

Planet Earth is Inhabited with Crab People

July 31st, 2017 | Entrepreneurship

SpaceX and Elon Musk just recently detailed their plan to get to Mars at the International Astronautical Congress. Watching the video should motivate even the most cynical of Earthlings. I’m personally amazed at the rocket technology which is effectively blasting a skyscraper into orbit at 17,500 miles per hour.

Though, as soon as it gets picked up in the press, the usual commentary for anything space related begins to ooze out.

“We should focus on problems here on Earth rather than going into space.”

This comment may be made with good intentions, it’s misguided. I won’t go into full account of the benefits of space travel, but I will point out the ironic factor that these commenters are able to use their laptop in part because space exploration pushed computer technology progress.

Yet, with the announcement by SpaceX, the comments devolved into insults of Elon, pointing out his rocket failures and suggesting this is all one big PR stunt. This is the mating call of the crab person.

Crabs in a basket or crab mentality comes from the idea that a single crab placed in a basket could easily escape, but when placed with others, they pull each other down trying to escape themselves. The crabs ensure their own demise and keep each other in the basket.

“If I can’t be successful, then neither should you.”

People typically don’t say this with words, but they say it with actions. It’s usually brought out by space exploration because the idea of humans in space is a giant leap and incorrectly connected that if we are in space, we are not trying to solve world hunger.

It’s a form of jealousy that not even the person acting out may recognize.

As an entrepreneur, you will encounter these naysayers when presenting an outlandish idea. People will call you crazy, the problem is it won’t be obvious.

It could be as innocent and good intentioned as suggesting you focus on more real things. You have rent to pay after all.

It could be malicious as well. People suggesting that you’re arrogant; that you think you’re too good for everyone else.

Elon Musk and yourself should let it roll off your back.

Recognizing criticism and constructive criticism is an important skill for an entrepreneur. You should invite only one of those.

Staying strong and staying motivated

When Elon spoke about planet hopping, the idea of creating fueling stations through the solar system to be able to get humans as far out as the Oort cloud, it’s hard not to get tingles. It’s incredibly motivating to hear of someone taking on the challenge that we only see in sci-fi.

Will he fail? Maybe.

But the fact someone is trying is uplifting. It feels more real. Elon has failed before, but he has also bucked the odds and accomplished a great deal. The mere fact that someone can start a private rocket company is mind boggling.

Don’t let critics get under your skin. In fact, when you have critics, you know that you’ve reached a certain level of success because people are taking notices and bothering enough to try to talk you down.

At the very least, if they don’t like what you’re doing, tell them to go build their own rocket company.