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How to Become an Unstoppable Brand

October 11th, 2018 | Branding

Creating a strong brand, whether a personal brand or a consumer facing brand for your business, is balancing act between trust and creativity.

You want your brand stand out from the crowd, while instilling trust to the user that you can follow through.

Another-words, you want a great reputation.

With so many charlatans on the web, it’s easy for people to write you off as just another man or woman making noise. People are more cynical today.

Building a brand is like working out. It takes time and effort. You build it brick by brick. But once you start being the results, you’ll understand its value and get addicted to how it gives you a head start.

So what makes a strong brand?

A clear message

Creating a message that is simple and clear is incredibly difficult. Many people miss the mark with this because it’s difficult to see yourself objectively. We tend to gloss over details because we live in our skin every day.

Simple is better. Create a sentence or two that explains what you do. The idea is to drill down and communicate your core offer.

Don’t try to reinvent the wheel also. Use language that your target market uses. Don’t fluff.


There are good brands and great brands. A good brand gets its message across, a great brand stands apart from the rest.

Let’s not pretend, it’s difficult to stand out.

This is where you need to push yourself. Being you is unique. Your perspective, your thought pattern, and your choices are uniquely yours. That’s a great place to start.

Typically the best way to be unique is to start small and niche then work your way out. You’ll gather your audience that respects your perspective then follows you to new ideas as you grow, brick by brick.


This is the most important concept is to stay consistent with your brand.

If you are offering clothing apparel that’s Earth friendly and doesn’t pollute the planet, don’t ship with a ton of packaging and packing peanuts.

Hypocrisy is the death of a brand. Keep your promises.

You know you need a great brand message, but what’s the affect of bad branding. What does a bad brand look like?

Won’t stand out

With lackluster messaging and promises, you’ll just simply not rise above the noise. This is that hardest thing when starting out since differentiating yourself and raising awareness of your uniqueness should be priority.

Without clear messaging, you’ll simply be overlooked without any consideration.

Confusion and Indifference

Worse than being ignored is being confusing. Confusion comes in many forms, but in most cases it looks like a bounce. A visitor sparks interest only to “not get it” and leave immediately. Opportunity lost.

So what are the benefits of an awesome brand.


When people get your brand and truly understand it, they become a fan. People want to be a part of the winning team. On top of that, people don’t like to be wrong, so once they adopt you, they’ll defend you.

People also hate change, so it takes more effort to jump ship to another brand, as long as the offering stays satisfactory.


With the loyalty also comes trust. The cynicism goes away and people take you at your work. Why wouldn’t they, part of building a great brand is keeping your word.

Don’t dismiss this trust. This is brand nirvana and helps smooth all of your efforts. Customer service is easier and marketing efforts are cheaper.

People will take up the mantle and help you spread the word. They want to be the hero of their friends. If you deliver on your promises, then they can be that hero.

Building a brand is a slow process, because put another way, it’s building a reputation.

A good reputation is doing what you’ll say you’ll do and keeping consistent.

It’s easy to destroy a brand. People remember negative experiences much easier. You are only as good as your last at bat.

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